Canada – Linda Garcia,PhD


How do our social and physical environments influence our participation in the myriad events and activities of modern life? Professor Linda Garcia works with colleagues and students to delve deeply into this question. Her research interests focus on the impact of these environments on the functioning of individuals with neurological disorders, especially dementia. Working with colleagues from other professions and her students, she strives to understand and offer solutions for capitalizing on ways to facilitate the social integration of individuals with functional limitations. She is interested in developing interventions that include approaches based on human interactions. She is keenly interested in improving quality of life in long-term care. Linda Garcia is Professor in the Interdisciplinary School of Health Sciences and Founding Director of the LIFE Research Institute at the University of Ottawa. The LIFE Research Institute’s mission is to bring together multidisciplinary and multi-sectorial expertise to advance knowledge and training on issues related to individuals’ realignment to changing biological, physical, mental and social environments throughout the life cycle. Basically, its objective is to help individuals live longer, live well and live with choices and a voice. Prior to joining the University of Ottawa in 1993, Professor Garcia worked for over 10 years in a large teaching hospital as a Speech-Language Pathologist and department head. After completing her PhD with Dr. Yves Joanette, she worked as a professor in the Audiology and Speech-Language Pathology Program. She then moved on to help create the Interdisciplinary School of Health Sciences and became its first Director in 2010, prior to becoming Vice-Dean of the Faculty of Health Sciences in 2014 and the Director of the LIFE Research Institute in 2019.