Information about the project

“Global Ageing Research Partnership” (GARP) is a joint project of the Pontifical University of John Paul II in Krakow in cooperation with the University of Applied Sciences Upper Austria (Austria), the Jean Monnet University PRESAGE Institute (France), the University of Ottawa LIFE Research Institute (Canada) and the Sau Po Center on Ageing, the University of Hong Kong (Hong Kong). The project activities are funded under the International Academic Partnerships program whose goal is to develop durable solutions in the area of scientific, implementation and teaching process cooperation, pursued within the framework of international academic partnerships. The outcomes of the project provide a foundation for the development of a long-lasting cooperation of the entities forming the GARP consortium.

The project is implemented by the consortium consisting of:

Project duration

1.12.2018 – 30.11.2020

Project activities include:


International Scientific Workshop-Conference
„Research on Ageing – transdisciplinary reflection on methods and approaches”


an international monograph entitled
„Researching Ageing: Methodological Challenges and their Empirical Background”
planned for publication in the summer of 2020


methodology and research workshops w
„Ageing research – what for and for whom?”
in each partner country


Each of the 5 Project Partners will prepare a report on the state of research related to ageing


124 mobilities of the researchers participating in the Project are planned

Project outputs include:

  • 1 academic partnership comprising 5 universities and research centres from Austria, France, Hong Kong, Canada and Poland.
  • 1 international scientific conference gathering participants from all over the world
  • 1 international monograph (30 authors, 1 editor, 3 independent reviewers)
  • 5 reports concerned with the state of research on ageing in each partner country
  • 1 website which will serve as an information and communication platform for the project, allowing further inter-institutional and inter-personal contacts after the project has concluded
conference participants

Project outcomes include:

Offering an opportunity to exchange experiences, reflections and good practices in the area of research on ageing

Establishing a space for discussion, thus enabling the improvement of research standards

Laying the groundwork for future activities aimed at the development of research on ageing in the wide, international context

We collaborate as a network of partner universities (in the peer-to-peer model) with the administrative function of the project leader (UPJP2). The key areas of cooperation include such activities as  joint efforts related to preparing the international publication, academic contributions to the international conference, organization of relevant and valuable workshops, collaboration in terms of the project implementation, generating ideas for future inter-institutional initiatives on the trans-national level.